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Rakeback At PokerStars

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Rakeback Up to 80%
Poker Network Independent
Sign-Up Bonus 100% to $600 (£400)
Use code: STARS600 (STARS400 for UK)
sign up bonus
Races, Freerolls & Promotions PokerStars Exclusive $1,000 Freeroll
Tournament and SnG Fees? Included in cashback calculations
Bonuses deducted?
Multi-Table Capabilities Yes
Payment Method VPPs can be exchanged in the VPP store
Rake Calculation Method Included in cashback calculations - Rake per person is the total rake divided proportionally by your actual contribution to the pot
Support Details Email: support@pokerstars.com

The Poker Stars VIP Club  - How it All works...

All new players start on the lowest rung at the Bronze Star Level and can climb the ladder all the way up to the lofty heights of Supernova Elite.

Once you attain the required number of VIP Player Points (VPPs) in a month or a year for a particular VIP level, you immediately begin to receive the benefits that level offers. Your status lasts until the end of the following calendar month or until you qualify for a higher level. At the end of the month, the VPP counter in the Cashier will reset to zero and you begin to qualify again.

View the table below to see a breakdown of the rewards or click here for details on the benefits offered to each VIP Club level.

VIP CLUB LEVEL VPP Bonus Multiplier Monthly VPPs Required Rakeback Equivalent for Full Ring... Rakeback Equivalent for Tournaments... Additional
Freeroll Value Per Year
Pokerstars VIP Club - BronzeStar N/A N/A 15% - 21% 13% - 19% N/A
Pokerstars VIP Club - SilverStar 50% 750 VPPs 20% - 23% 19% - 21% $100
Pokerstars VIP Club - GoldStar 100% 3,000 VPPs 25% - 26% 23% - 24% $200
Pokerstars VIP Club - PlatinumStar 150% 7,500 VPPs 30% - 31% 27% - 28% $200
Pokerstars VIP Club - Supernova 250% 100,000 VPPs (Yearly) 31% - 52% 28% - 48% $700
Pokerstars VIP Club - Supernova Elite 400% 1,000,000 VPPs (yearly) 71% - 83% 65% - 76% $700

Each level has different perks including: access to exclusive freeroll tournaments, milestone bonuses, faster VPP accumulation rates up to 5x for Supernova Elite players, exclusive merchandise in the VPP store, and many other benefits.

Remember this VIP program is not actual rakeback so to estimate the equivalent rakeback you are receiving you need to focus on the VPPs you accumulate while playing. These can be exchanged in the VPP store for a number of different products and each point has an approximate value of $0.016 per point. The listed numbers also take into account the value of Stellar Rewards and Milestone Cash Credits which deposit cash directly into your account.

PokerStars 100% up to $600 (or £400 for UK Players) T&C's - Worth 32% Cashback

  1. Participants may make up to three qualifying deposits in 90 days in total to claim the maximum bonus amount of $600 (or £400 for UK players)
  2. The bonus will release in $10 (or £10 for UK players) increments and has a clearance rate of 17 VPPs per $1 of bonus (or 26 VPPs per £1 for UK players)
  3. Players have six months after each qualifying deposit to earn all the VPPs needed to release their bonus.
  4. The first deposit code STARS600 (or STARS400 for UK players) will need to be entered on every eligible deposit to claim the full bonus.


Sign Up Instructions 1

Uninstall Software and Clear Cookies

Make sure you follow step 1 and 2 below to be sure that your new rakeback account for PokerStars is properly set up.

  1. Firstly you will need to uninstall the PokerStars software from your computer, if applicable.
    From Windows: Click Start > Programs > PokerStars > Uninstall PokerStars
    From Mac: Applications > Drag the PokerStars App to the Trash
  2. Secondly you need to Clear Cookies. This will remove any cookies from PokerStars or other affiliates from your computer. This is important as such cookies can disrupt tracking of your rakeback.

The rakeback deals you have at other poker rooms will NOT be affected by following these steps.

Sign Up Instructions 2

Download the Poker Software

Click on the "Download" button to the right to start.

You'll be taken to the PokerStars website to download the poker software and create a new PokerStars account.

Sign Up Instructions 3

Create a PokerStars Account

  1. Create your account step 1The PokerStars lobby will appear once the software installation is complete.The next step is to click the 'Create New Account' button. (shown right).
  2. Create your account step 2Enter your details into the 'Open an Account' form and ensure you enter 'rbpoker.com' in the text box (shown right). It is IMPORTANT that you do this to be certain that you are tracked to us and receive your rakeback correctly. Finally click 'SIGN ME UP'.
Sign Up Instructions 4

Send us your poker details

Enter your PokerStars details below, then complete Step 4 to create your rakeback account or login if you already have one.

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